03 August 2015
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Traditional festivities
Traditional festivities mark Macao life
By Maria Joao Janeiro
Lions and dragons dance in the streets. Its citizens parade through in honour of Our Lady of Fatima, dance in honour of Saint Nino and the drunken dragon and remember the Stations of the Cross. They bathe statues of the Lord Buddha and celebrate the birthdays of divinities. T...

Macao SAR shows its history
Macao SAR shows its history
Beijing is the first leg in a touring exhibition to commemorate the first decade of Macao as a special administrative region of China – a virtual journey through its history
By Maria Joao Belchior
The Capital Museum of Beijing was the first city to host an exhibition that commemorates the 10th...

Transformed Rabbit pavillion
Transformed Rabbit Pavilion to welcome Expo

Last July, Macao chose a rabbit-shaped lantern as the design for one of its two pavilions at the upcoming Expo in Shanghai. The other pavilion was to be a replica of the famous Tak Seng On, a century-old local pawn shop.
Construction work of the giant pawn shop is proceeding as planned, but that o...