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Government invites bids for 4th bridge between Macao and Taipa

Thu, 6th Dec 2018

The government’s Infrastructure Development Office (GDI) published in the Official Gazette (BO) Wednesday an invitation to tender (ITT) for the design and construction of the fourth bridge between the peninsula and Taipa.

According to an official source, the first phase of the tender will be about the rival bidders’ qualifications. Among the bidders, seven will be shortlisted by the office for the second phase of the tender which will be about the specific technical aspects of the bids, the source said.

The first-phase bids can be submitted until February 27. 

The sealed bids will be opened by GDI officials in the presence of the bidders on the following day.

According to the Official Gazette, the project must be completed within 1,140 days, or in slightly over three years. The announcement did not say when the project is slated to start, and neither did it mention a price tag.

When assessing the rival bids, the proposed technical features will account for 50 percent of the classification of the three evaluation criteria, while the proposed price and completion period will account for 30 percent and 20 percent respectively, according to the Official Gazette.

According to the GDI website, the fourth peninsula-Taipa bridge will be built east of Friendship Bridge.

It will link the east part of the Zone A new land reclamation area and the man-made island of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) with the Zone E1 new land reclamation area next to Pac On in Taipa. A flyover will link the bridge with the future Big Taipa Hill tunnel.

The bridge will have a length of 3.1 kilometres with four lanes in each direction. Two of the eight lanes will be for motorcycles only.

Preliminary studies on the fourth bridge began in 2016. 

The central government approved the project in May this year, after it had initially rejected it last year for security reasons.

(Macau News)