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Macao film ‘Roulette City’ gets China distribution


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Fri, 26th May 2017

Filmed in Macao, “Roulette City”, written and directed by Singaporean Thomas Lim, will be distributed on pay-per-view streaming in mainland China from June 8.

The distribution will be made through “Being Pictures”, an online movie distribution and production company based in China.

“Being Pictures” has also redesigned the film’s poster for its mainland release. The film gets a new Chinese title, which literally means “Roulette City: God of Gamblers” and the original poster showing a woman cuddling a man as they ride on a scooter with the seaside as the backdrop has been changed to the man surrounded by images of stacks of gaming chips, roulette wheels and playing cards showing two other characters in the film.’

“Roulette City” is also available digitally and on DVD on major platforms such as iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.