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Macao government to build office building in Zape

Fri, 7th Sep 2018

The Infrastructure Development Office (GDI) said Thursday that it expects the construction of a government office building on a plot in Zape to get off the ground in the first quarter of next year.

The office unsealed bids submitted by 19 construction companies for the construction of the project yesterday.

According to the office’s website, the winning bidder is required to finish the project in 730 days.

The plot, officially known as 6K, is next to Waldo Hotel in Avenida da Amizade, covering an area of 1,636 square metres.

According to the office’s website, the 11-storey building will have a gross area of 13,400 square metres for office space and parking spaces.

The official height limit for the plot is 60 metres.

The plot was initially slated for a hotel project when its land concession was granted in 1991. The government annulled the plot’s land concession in 2015, as the leaseholder failed to develop the plot within the maximum concession period stated in the land concession agreement, and subsequently repossessed the plot.

A hard-hitting report published by the Commission of Audit (CA) in 2016 criticised the government for having failed to plan for the construction of or constructing government office buildings for years. The report also slammed the government for having spent billions of patacas on leasing office spaces in private commercial buildings over the last decade or so.

(Macau News)