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Macau celebrates 91st PLA anniversary

Thu, 2nd Aug 2018

People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Macau Garrison Commander Major General Liao Zhengrong said Wednesday that the local PLA garrison functions as the “magic cudgel” to uphold the stability of Macau, pledging that it will continue to uphold the “One Country, Two Systems” principle, defend the nation’s sovereignty and security and protect the national interest.

Wang made the remarks in a speech during a reception to celebrate the 91st anniversary of the PLA, at the garrison barracks in Taipa.

Wang stressed that it has been 19 years since the PLA has been stationed in Macau, adding that the local garrison has been closely following orders from the central government.

PLA troops entered Macau in the morning of 20th of December 1999 after the transfer of the Portuguese administration to China.

Wang also pointed out that during last year’s Super Typhoon Hato PLA Macau Garrison troops were deployed to assist in Macau’s disaster relief, adding that the assistance has projected a heroic image amongst local residents.

Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai On pointed out that the Macau Garrison has been closely following the Macau Basic Law and the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Garrisoning the Macau Special Administrative Region, adding that the garrison has provided a powerful backing to local stability and social harmony.

Chui also said that thanks to the support of the central government and the garrison, Macau has the confidence to continue to boost its economy and maintain long-term prosperity.