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Parade Through Macao, Latin City

Mon, 25th Jan 2016
The “Parade through Macao, Latin City” is a grand cultural and touristic event that began in 2011 and is held annually in December. It is one of the activities that highlights Macao’s handover to China. (January 2015)

More than 1,600 participants and dozens of performing groups from different countries are invited to join local talents in crossing the city’s streets and lanes, singing and dancing in unison with the local public and visitors.

The parade is organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macao in co-operation and support of countless civil associations.

“The Fantastic Viva Treasure Hunt Adventure” was the theme for 2015, in line with their main concept of “Peace, Love and Cultural Integration.”

Participating local and foreign groups offer an excellent opportunity to promote mutual understanding among cultures and boost cultural integration.

The Parade ends with a grand joint performance at Tap Seac Square, where groups showcase their skills on stage, bringing the joyful atmosphere of the parade to a climax in celebration of this festive day.

Photos GCS, Cheong Kam Ka and António Leong

(Issue N.32, January 2015)